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5 Ways a Continuing Care Retirement Community Can Enhance Quality of Life

During your search for the right senior living community, you may have come across the terms “Life Care” and “continuing care retirement community” (or CCRC). But what exactly is a CCRC, and how does Life Care fit into it? 

Learn more about this type of offering and discover how it can help improve your quality of life, both now and in the years to come. 

What is a Continuing Care Retirement Community?

A continuing care retirement community is a comprehensive residential living option for seniors that provides a continuum of care for residents as they age. Residents can live independently, or, as their needs change, choose to take advantage of additional services, like assisted living, skilled nursing, and more, on the same campus. These communities also offer a range of amenities, services, activities and events that foster a sense of community and provide a carefree, engaging lifestyle. 

What is a Life Care Community?

A Life Care community is a type of CCRC that gives residents financial security and peace of mind. With Life Care, residents are in control of how and where their future care needs will be met, allowing them to proactively plan for their future. With a single initial investment, followed by consistent monthly fees, you can rest easy knowing your future healthcare needs are accounted for.

1. Enhanced Peace of Mind 

It’s hard to enjoy the moment when worries about the future are looming overhead. CCRCs enable you to make worrying about the future a thing of the past. With a solid plan in place, you have a better idea of what the future holds. This gives you more freedom to kick back, relax, and enjoy your retirement. 

In addition to securing your care needs, community life offers sought-after safety and security features. For example, at Querencia, we offer an on-site health center, on-site health services, a 24-hour emergency call system, and more to help you feel safe and secure. 

2. Better Physical Health

CCRCs, by design, are centered around your short- and long-term health. Because of this, many CCRCs offer wellness features in addition to other levels of care, such as tailored wellness programs, fitness classes, nutritional advice, and more. 

Prioritizing your health and well-being is also beneficial to other aspects of your life. For instance, regular physical activity can reduce the risk of disease and major health events, improve mental health, and support your ability to live independently. Join a walking club, take a water aerobics class, or sign up for a group fitness class—along with benefits for your physical health, group exercise is a good way to make new friends. It’s all right outside your door. 

3. Reduced Financial Stress

Most CCRCs require a one-time entrance fee, along with a predictable monthly rate, which is inclusive of most amenities, services, activities and events. Should your care needs change, your Life Care contract type will determine how the costs will be accounted for. Since you select your contract before you move in, you can rest assured that your costs will be predictable. 

4. Improved Mental Health

Isolation and loneliness are common among older adults and can take a toll on mental health. CCRCs allow you to connect with like-minded people in a similar life stage. Not only do you have access to a community full of welcoming neighbors, but you will also have more opportunities to attend social events and activities, learn new things, enjoy your hobbies, and engage your mind. In addition to putting you at the center of a tight-knit community, when you live in a CCRC, you can remain in the comfort of your community and close to the friends and familiar faces you cherish. 

5. Greater Focus on Joy

Ending one phase of life and entering another can take a toll on your mental health. But moving into a continuing care retirement community doesn’t mean you have to stop living a vibrant, fulfilling life. Envision a calendar full of social engagements and exciting events—and finally, enough free time to do it all. The right community should provide services and amenities that take care of mundane, everyday tasks so that you can focus on what sparks your joy. And because you have confidence in the plan for your future, a carefree lifestyle is possible. 

Experience Joyful Living at Querencia

Picture waking up every day to the allure of excitement and adventure. Envision a lifestyle where ample free time allows you to pursue passions, embrace new hobbies, and cultivate lasting relationships. When you choose Querencia, all these possibilities become effortlessly attainable.

With resort-style services, upscale amenities, and exciting events, you can have the freedom to focus on what matters most to you. Plus, we offer a full continuum of care: from assisted living to skilled nursing and rehabilitation to memory care. Should your care needs change, you can still get the care you need in the community you know and love. 

Contact us today to explore how living in our community can enhance your quality of life.

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