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How Seniors Are Embracing Technology for Connection

Connecting with others is critical to our holistic health. Luckily, there are numerous ways that today’s digital devices and programs can help us strengthen bonds with loved ones, help us form new relationships, and support our overall health and wellness (provided we take a few precautions). Here are some smart ways you can get the most out of your digital devices. 

Continue Learning and Engaging with Online Communities 

Today’s technology offers endless opportunities to engage in lifelong learning. Through various websites, applications, and platforms, you can continue pursuing your unique passions, hobbies, and interests. 

For instance, you could join an online book club. Take a course or listen to a lecture. Learn a new language. Take a guided yoga class. Read articles and books to expand your knowledge. Or, schedule an online happy hour or virtual lunch. You can also connect with others who share your interests by joining a group on social media.   

Manage Your Health and Wellness 

Today’s digital age has opened the door to more than just social growth. In addition to enriching your social life, smartphones, tablets, and computers can be used to improve your physical, mental, and spiritual health—all of which are important parts of our overall well-being. 

  • Physical health. Technology enables us to get in touch with medical professionals. You can use it to log into your patient portal to access your medical records and results, share health information with caregivers or adult children, or schedule a telehealth appointment to keep your health in check. Plus, the internet is full of endless resources on how to maintain good physical health and combat chronic disease, with articles on how to maintain a nutritious diet, exercise tips for seniors, healthy sleep habits, and more. 
  • Mental health. The internet holds many resources for stress management, cognitive enrichment, and mental health support. If you need more extensive assistance, digital devices make it easy to connect with a mental health professional via text messaging or phone calls. Whether you have your own personal therapist or need on-the-spot mental health support through the many crisis hotlines available today, help is just a click away. 
  • Spiritual health. Spiritual health is important to many. Today, you can get podcasts, live streams, recorded videos, and digital tex+-ts on demand to continually connect to your faith. You can also join online groups to socialize with people in your faith community. 

Stay In Touch With Your Children and Grandchildren

Feelings of isolation can negatively impact our overall health and well-being. Thankfully, with the advent of smartphones, you’re able to stay connected with your loved ones easier than ever. Smartphone use is only increasing as time goes on, and your children and grandchildren likely have theirs with them at all times. Because of this, you’re able to talk to them much more frequently.

Make time to connect with your grandchildren and children regularly. Call them while you’re out for a morning stroll or enjoying dinner. Plan a video call to do an activity together, like arts and crafts, baking, watching a movie, and more. If schedules are busy, set up a day and time that works to catch up on a consistent basis.

Make New Connections at Querencia

Technology is a powerful tool that can help you stay in touch with your loved ones near and far—but nothing can replace the enrichment and excitement that comes from in-person engagements. At Querencia, we offer enriching events and activities to help our residents thrive. Join an outing to downtown Austin to explore the sights. Attend a community holiday celebration. Ask a friend to grab coffee after an aerobics class. Plan a game night with your neighbors. The possibilities to form lasting relationships are endless. 

Contact us today to start your senior living adventure off on the right foot.

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