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What is a Nursing Home? Busting Common Myths

The term “nursing home” is often used to refer to various types of senior living arrangements. This is a holdover from a time when older adults who needed 24/7 care and support that could not be provided at home went to a very specialized type of residential care. 

Modern senior living communities are, by contrast, no longer places older adults only choose when they need to go. They are places older adults want to go. Many of these resort-style communities offer top notch amenities and services, from chef-inspired dining options to holistic wellness programs, social clubs, and on-site salons and spas. Sociable living in a vibrant, maintenance-free environment where every need is anticipated and catered to is becoming exceedingly popular among the over-60 crowd. 

So let’s debunk some of the common myths surrounding what living at a senior community is really like today.  

Common Myth 1: It’s a Place for Old People 

There are numerous “senior” communities that cater to individuals who are just 55 years of age or older, with 62 being the most common age to qualify for entry. That means that most independent living residents are lively, active adults enjoying the freedom and connection that comes from participating in community life. In fact, many senior community residents wished that they’d moved sooner to enjoy all of the activities and amenities offered. 

Common Myth 2: I (or My Loved One) Will Live in Isolation

Feelings of disconnection and isolation can increase as we age for a range of reasons. Unfortunately, these feelings can be extremely detrimental to both our mental and physical health. Contrary to what one may think, living in a senior community can actually help combat loneliness. Living in a large family home after adult children have moved away and friends have moved on can be isolating, while community life is built to encourage connection. Living in a setting with a packed social calendar and like-minded people just down the hall or around the corner makes it much easier to find a sense of community, forge connections, and stay engaged. 

Common Myth 3: Care, Cleanliness, and Meals are Substandard

Today’s communities cater to the high standards of seniors. Many include chef-inspired meals at premier dining venues, well-manicured grounds, luxurious surroundings, and pristine common areas. The standards of care have also risen, with access to numerous health services from certified health experts just steps away. If you find a community that doesn’t meet your standards, there is sure to be another one that seeks to surprise and delight you. 

Common Myth 4: There’s No Freedom to Do What You Want

Senior living communities offer an abundance of opportunities to live life on your terms. Residents are encouraged and empowered to enjoy their favorite activities and pursuits. Guests are always welcomeeven overnight. Community amenities and events are also great ways to build connections with those who have similar interests. There’s always something to fill up your social calendar, from social functions, guest speakers, games, fitness classes, and more. There’s also plenty to do off-site. You can bring your own vehicle, or take advantage of scheduled transportation to get out and about.  

See What Senior Living is Really Like at Querencia 

Finding the right senior living community for yourself or a loved one can be a difficult process. You want to make sure the place you choose prioritizes your comfort and security while meeting your high standards.  

At Querencia at Barton Creek, we’re proud to provide exceptional care, engaging amenities, and exciting events that enrich our residents’ lives. Plus, as a Life Care community, residents have the peace of mind that should their care needs change, their community doesn’t have to. It’s all here.

Contact us to explore your living options, or complete the form below. 

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