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How to Talk to Your Parents About Moving to an Independent Senior Living Community

If your parents are getting older and haven’t yet shared their plans with you for their future healthcare needs, it may be time to broach the subject. While many older adults assume they will remain in the family home for the rest of their lives, this isn’t always practical. In fact, 70% of seniors will need some form of long-term care in their lifetime. Are your parents prepared for this? 

Here are some ways you can start a discussion with your parents about their future care needs, and how a move to an independent senior living community can give them a sense of stability and comfort in the years ahead. 

Questions to Ask to Start a Conversation

Before you start a conversation with your parents about the future, be sure that you have set aside some time to dedicate to the discussion. Consider inviting your parents out to a cozy restaurant or other familiar setting and indicate that you want to speak to them about the future. Try not to take them off-guard. Instead, give them the opportunity to start thinking about what you will cover ahead of time, too. 

Above all, remember to remain patient, attentive and understanding. It’s critical that you empathize with their point of view. This can be a difficult conversation for all involved, and being open and transparent will make it that much easier. 

#1: What Are Your Future Plans?

Start by asking your parents about their future plans. Have they considered what they will do if one of them has an accident, injury or health condition that requires daily care? If the intent is to stay in the family home, how do they plan to account for future maintenance needs? Bring up scenarios to account for unforeseen circumstances involving health, finances or additional factors that may change their status quo.

#2: Do You Have Any Concerns About Moving?

Even if your parents are open to the idea of moving to a senior living community, they may still have some reservations about the moving process. Getting ready for a move to senior living can seem intimidating to some, and it’s important to listen to your loved ones’ concerns. Provide comfort and assurance by addressing common topics that cause anxiety, like finances or concerns about losing their independence. In fact, living in a senior community can help them maintain their sense of independence longer, as they will always have someone available to assist them. They won’t need to rely on family and friends with busy schedules. 

#3: How Will You Downsize Before You Move?

The most challenging part of a move to a new residence is often the physical preparation for the actual moving day. Many people collect roomfuls of belongings as they age, and it can be difficult to part with many of these items when downsizing to a cozier senior living residence. 

To make this period easier, it’s important to start planning early. Allow for plenty of time to sort through belongings, have a plan and be conscious of the strong emotions that can be brought on by this process. Remaining open-minded and empathetic can help you and your loved ones work through this time together.

#4: Have You Considered All of the Benefits of a Senior Living Community?

When discussing long-term care and senior independent living, be sure to focus on the positive. A senior living living community can offer new social opportunities, a more active lifestyle and a more fulfilling retirement experience.

When discussing the benefits of senior living, make a list of independent living must-haves, “nice-to-haves” and what your parents would like to avoid. Senior living isn’t a one-size-fits-all lifestyle, and it’s important to determine what’s important for each individual.

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