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Your Guide to Senior Independent Living in Texas

Independent living in Texas is a popular option for seniors over the age of 65. With over 3.7 million seniors in the state, there are many options available for those looking to downsize and enjoy a maintenance-free lifestyle. When considering independent living in a community like Querencia, it’s important to consider timing, cost, available services and amenities, as well as the healthcare options available. 

When Is the Right Time for Independent Living?

More adults are opting to move to independent living communities sooner rather than later. Some residents even express regret at not having made the move sooner, thanks to the ease of lifestyle and freedom of choice many independent living communities provide. 

We all need a little help from time to time, and independent living communities offer older adults the stability and security of knowing that all of the services and amenities provided were designed with their needs in mind. With all maintenance taken care of and access to on-call assistance, concierge services and even transportation, there’s a lot to love about living this way. 

What Is the Cost of Independent Living in Texas?

Texas can be a very affordable state for seniors. There is no income tax, which means that social security and withdrawals from retirement accounts are not taxed.  

The cost of independent living in Texas varies based on a number of factors including residence type, amenities and location. Whether you’re looking for a rental or Life Care community, it’s important to align your preferred lifestyle with what the community offers. 

Costs will also depend on the inclusion (or not) of on-site health services. While some communities may offer additional levels of healthcare on-site, how you pay for those services may differ. At a Life Care Community like Querencia, your monthly rate remains predictable even if your care needs change. 

Things To Consider When Choosing an Independent Living Community in Texas

Just as certain things impact the cost of your independent living community, there are factors that will impact your quality of life and enjoyment there. A few of the biggest factors to consider when weighing your options are location and proximity to lively areas, programming available on site, and care and amenities offered. 


Querencia at Barton Creek’s proximity to Austin, Texas brings a vibrant neighborhood life that you can indulge in whenever you wish. While spending time on campus is a wonderful option that can certainly meet almost all of your needs, choosing an independent living community that is close to a larger city center for easy access to culture, entertainment, shopping, and more can be a major boon. 

Amenities and Services

Each independent living community you consider will offer its own unique set of amenities and services. Know what is most important to you so you can prioritize matching your top needs and desires with what the community has to offer.

For example, at Querencia, we have two well-appointed dining venues that offer delicious cuisine with a classic Texas flair. Additionally, we have private dining rooms, an outdoor covered pool, dog park, creative arts studio, and much more. We focus on bringing amenities and services to our residents that allow them to nurture their whole self. Consider what interests, hobbies, and leisure activities you want to spend your time on and choose an independent living community that aligns their programming, amenities, and services with what you want. 

Care Needs

Another important factor to keep in mind when choosing an independent living community in Texas is the level of healthcare available. Some communities may offer limited care, off-site care, or a combination of both. On the other hand, Life Care communities like Querencia offer a continuum of care that allows residents to receive the level of care they need when they need it. Our independent living Life Care residents have priority access to advanced levels of care should the need arise. 

Explore Independent Living at Querencia

Querencia at Barton Creek offers a unique opportunity for retirees to explore, enrich and enjoy every day. From robust social programming to community-sponsored events, holiday celebrations, a full wellness program, and like-minded residents that can make socializing with your neighbors fun, we are proud to offer a lively, carefully considered community that meets your needs and your wants. Ready to see what life at Querencia could look like for you? Schedule a tour today.

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