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Hassle-Free Holiday Travel for Seniors

From spending extra time with loved ones to attending exciting events to partaking in traditions, some of the best memories are made during the holidays. Whether you’re visiting loved ones or just need a change of pace, traveling can be both stressful and exciting this time of year. Use these tips to make your holiday travels as hassle-free as possible.

Research Your Destination and Plan an Itinerary

Planning ahead can save you a lot of headaches. Research where you’re visiting, and map out what you want to do. This enables you to secure tickets to special events in advance and make plans with friends and family

Also make sure that the activities you have planned won’t risk your well-being. For example, if you are planning a hike, ensure that the trail difficulty aligns with your skill level. If you are bringing a lot of luggage, ensure you can easily transfer it across the distances between your transit stops. Speak with your healthcare provider about certain activities to ensure you stay safe. Include some downtime in your itinerary to relax and recharge, too. 

While creating your itinerary, look into a few key things: 

    • Travel and lodging. As you conduct research, you may start to get an idea of what area you want to stay and fly into. Try to book tickets and rooms six months ahead to get a better deal, and solidify your plans. Verify your accommodations meet any accessibility requirements. You may want to call your hotel to ensure they can honor a first-floor request and that they have elevators and wheelchair access, if necessary.
    • Crime and safety. Certain places have higher levels of crime. Knowing this beforehand allows you to plan around these areas or take precautions. For example, older adults are often a target for theft or fraud while traveling. To prevent being a victim, you may want to wear pick-pocket-proof attire and inform your credit card issuer of your travels beforehand if you need to use it. Always ensure that someone knows when and where to expect you. 
  • Location-specific health precautions. There are certain illnesses you can contract from different foods, drinks, and activities. Refer to the CDC’s country-by-country list to learn how to avoid them, or to ensure you are up to date on the recommended vaccinations. 
  • Travel requirements. Ensure your identification, such as your license and passport, is up to date, and make necessary arrangements if needed. Get an emergency medical card to carry during your trip, in case health issues arise. Check that your luggage meets baggage size and weight requirements. 

Allow for Flexibility

It’s safe to say that you should expect the unexpected while you’re traveling. A flexible, positive mindset can take the pressure off and decrease feelings of stress, making the trip more enjoyable. Practicing mindfulness throughout your trip can help you embrace every moment by keeping you grounded in the present. 

Manage Your Health

Before your trip, schedule an appointment with your doctor to discuss immunizations, medications, and health precautions. They can refill your prescriptions, administer necessary vaccinations, and advise you on ways to avoid certain illnesses and health issues as you travel, such as deep-vein thrombosis (DVT), for example.

Pack Wisely

Packing the right attire is one of the most important things you can do before traveling. Refer to your itinerary and check the weather to ensure you are prepared and comfortable. Create your own packing checklist or find one online so that you don’t forget anything important. Choose your outfits ahead of time and opt for items that can be mixed and matched to avoid overpacking. Save space with travel-sized toiletries and multipurpose footwear. 

Embrace Technology

There are various travel-related apps to download on your smartphone that can enhance your trip. Yelp, for example, can help you find the top local dining venues. Waze is great for driving and navigation. Priceline enables you to find discounted lodging. Google Translate can help you communicate if you’re traveling abroad. While you can use these on a desktop computer, downloading travel apps to your smartphone is convenient when you’re on the go.

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