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Planning for Senior Living | 5 Advantages of Joining a Retirement Community Waiting List

offer a continuum of care, it’s important to be proactive. Not only does selecting a senior living community early give you and your family members peace of mind about your future, but joining a senior living waitlist can also give you the chance to enjoy the lifestyle you want before you become a resident. Below, we’ll dive into everything you need to know about senior living waitlists, including the advantages you’ll get when you join.

What Is a Senior Living Community Waitlist?

Waiting lists are a common offering across a variety of housing types and can often signal a level of exclusivity or interest in a particular location. A waiting list for senior housing is no different, particularly when it comes to luxury senior living community options. Some high-end senior communities offer a senior living waitlist—like “The Queue” at Querencia at Barton Creek—that lets you begin planning your future today while taking advantage of numerous features, amenities, and activities.

How Do You Join a Senior Living Waitlist?

To join a community waitlist, most communities require a deposit that reserves your spot in line. Under certain circumstances, your deposit may be refundable, so be sure you clearly understand those terms before committing.

If you need to move immediately but the floor plan or location you want isn’t available, you may be eligible for an internal waiting list. As long as the community’s occupancy rate can accommodate you, this approach lets you live in temporary quarters until your preferred option is available.


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Top Advantages of Joining a Senior Living Waitlist

Early Access to Community Amenities

The lifestyle a retirement community offers is often its strongest appeal, but access to those senior living amenities is typically restricted to residents. However, if you’re on a senior living waitlist, you may have the same privileges as a resident, such as being entitled to attend weekly activities, guest lectures, clubs, and musical performances, as well as the use of amenities like the fitness center and pool.


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A Head Start Meeting the Neighbors

Living in a retirement community puts you close to peers in the same stage of life. Developing social relationships with your soon-to-be neighbors allows you to strengthen ties to your new community and build anticipation for your move. Some senior living waiting lists like the one at Querencia even offer specially curated events for waiting list members, enabling you to fast-track these important connections.

A Plan For Future Health Care Needs

Your senior living choices are as much about your health as where you’ll live and the lifestyle you’ll enjoy. A Life Care community ensures your needs will be met no matter what the future holds. While you may enter the community’s independent living apartments, homes, and villas, your long-term health needs can be served with a complete continuum of high-quality healthcare spanning assisted living, memory care, skilled nursing, and rehabilitation.


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Priority in Selecting Your New Home

As a future resident on a senior living waitlist, you will be asked to specify which type of floor plan is most appealing to you. Then, when your name reaches the top of the list and a unit that matches your preferences is available, you’ll have the opportunity to claim that unit before it’s available to the public. If you’re not ready to make the move just yet, most communities will allow you to continue waiting. However, you’ll want to be sure you know the terms of your contract, as turning down an available unit may mean you’ll wait a long time for your next opportunity.

Expert Resources For Retirement Living

A transition into retirement living brings plenty of questions. As a waitlist member, you may be able to get helpful guidance from the expert staff in your new community. For example, at Querencia, members on the waitlist receive a complimentary consultation with a professional moving planner.

Explore Your Luxury Independent Senior Living Options at Querencia

A senior living waitlist is a chance to set your plans for the future you envision in motion. Learn more about becoming a member of “The Queue” waitlist at Querencia by filling out the form below.


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