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Benefits of a Life Care Community

Let’s face it. At some point we all must decide on how we want to live our senior years. Some of us may choose to age in place. And others may find themselves on the hunt for a senior living community. Querencia at Barton Creek is a continuing care retirement community in Austin, Texas, that allows our residents to embrace their passions and live independently. We also provide the full continuum of care, in the event you need it.

What Is a Continuing Care Retirement Community (CCRC)?

A continuing care retirement community (CCRC), also known as a Life Care community, provides a long-term care option for older adults who prefer to stay in one place as they age. CCRCs offer a wide range of care, services and activities for residents. For example, at Querencia, a resident might start out in one of our independent living residences. However, as a person ages they may require a higher level of care, so they may choose to move into our assisted living or memory care residences.

Most CCRCs tend to offer a mix of health services, personal services, social activities and recreation options to ensure residents receive varied care and entertainment. This is all funded through an initial entry fee and a monthly service fee. But not all CCRCs offer the same amount of on-site services — this largely depends on the type of Life Care contract a community offers.

Life Care Contracts Explained

Life Care contracts vary based on the community. There are three main contract types.

  • Type A Extensive Life Care Contract: CCRCs that use a Type A contract provide the full continuum of care in exchange for an entry fee, which may be partially refundable to your estate, and monthly service fees. These communities offer access to all levels of care — assisted living, memory care, skilled nursing — at predictable rates, for life.
  • Type B Modified Life Care Contract: CCRCs that use a Type B contract tend to require a lower monthly fee, and possibly a lower entrance fee, to join the community. Residential services and amenities may be similar to what is available in a Type A contract. However, if you need higher levels of care, then your monthly fee may increase to a higher rate.
  • Type C Fee-for-Service Contract: CCRCs that use a Type C contract generally require the lowest entrance and monthly service fees. Residential services and amenities may be similar to what is available in a Type A or B contract. However, residents often pay market rates for any additional health care services. These costs can add up.

What type of Life Care community is Querencia at Barton Creek?

Querencia is a Type A contract Life Care community. Our entrance fee is partially refundable and monthly costs don’t carry surprises, even if a resident’s needs change. In addition, all of our residents receive guaranteed priority access to the complete continuum of care through our high quality assisted living, memory care, skilled nursing and rehabilitation health services.

Explore Querencia’s On-Site Services

Querencia offers high-quality health services, alongside a mix of personal services and social activities only found in Texas Hill Country. The local entertainment in Austin, Texas, is not far away either. So whether on-site or off-site, there is always plenty available to do in the area.

Let’s focus on some of the on-site benefits Querencia offers as a Life Care community.

Health Services

Querencia provides health services that cover the full continuum of care. That includes independent living, assisted living, memory care, skilled nursing and rehabilitation services. In addition, our Health Center ranks among the best in Texas and the nation.

Personal Services

Personal services available to residents at Querencia as part of our Type A contract include:

  • Lifetime interior and exterior maintenance.
  • Weekly housekeeping and linen service
  • Grounds patrolled by overnight security
  • Gated access underground and valet parking
  • Scheduled group and individual transportation
  • All utilities included (except phone service)
  • Residence personalization and moving coordination

24/7 concierge service is also available for Querencia residents — one of several personal amenities that set us above much of the competition in Texas and beyond.

Social Activities

There’s no shortage of things to do at Querencia — whether you are interested in participating in a wellness activity or want to take on a hobby in our creative arts studio. Our superior dining venues provide delicious meals and the opportunity to connect with friends and neighbors. We also have on-site meeting rooms, a library, a chapel and a full-service beauty and nail salon. That’s all in addition to special events and other on-site activities that are planned for residents throughout the year.

Discover Querencia for Yourself

>We could go on about our award-winning on-site services and amenities, but we think it would be even better if you checked out what Querencia has to offer, virtually or in-person. To learn more about life at Querencia and how we can best support your future, please fill out the form below or call us at 866-607-5995. We can fill you in on more of the exciting perks of life at Querencia.

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