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Querencia at Barton Creek Raises Awareness to End Alzheimer’s

For the millions of Americans impacted by Alzheimer’s disease every day, it’s more important than ever to raise awareness. According to the Texas Department of State Health Services, the disease is the sixth leading cause of death in the United States, and Texas currently ranks fourth in the number of new cases and second in the number of deaths from Alzheimer’s disease. With these sobering statistics in mind, the senior living community Querencia at Barton Creek is joining the fight against Alzheimer’s as they prepare to participate in the upcoming Walk to End Alzheimer’s on Saturday, October 7. The community is proud to announce that so far it has raised over $10,000 which will be donated evenly between the Austin Chapter of the Alzheimer’s Association and the Darrel K Royal Foundation this year. During the past year, residents and team members at the senior living community have been hard at work holding various fundraising events to show their support for those living with the disease and to prepare for the Walk to End Alzheimer’s. Recently, Querencia residents and team members participated in the community’s annual Pet of the Year contest. The ongoing tradition allows individuals to vote for their favorite pet by donating to the Alzheimer’s Association. Through this fundraiser alone the community raised $5,000. It’s through fundraising events like the Pet of the Year contest that residents like Edith Royal feel inspired by the compassion and dedication of their fellow residents as they contribute to the cause.

“At this point in life it is common to know someone who has been affected by memory loss, particularly Alzheimer’s,” said Royal. “It’s vital that as a community we do what we can to make people aware of this disease and really see the importance of knowing exactly what lies ahead. As we age, our most prized possessions are often our sense of self and our memories, especially those of our loved ones. By actively raising awareness and seeking solutions for this disease we can do our part to ensure that no one needs to face living with memory loss.”

In addition to the Pet of the Year contest and personal donations, the community also holds its annual casino night. The events have a widespread impact on the community, with support from residents and team members as well as their families and those in the local Austin area. The community is particularly excited for the walk, which will be the highlight of this year’s fundraising and awareness efforts. For resident Judy Reynolds, it’s activism like this that is incredibly personal, as her own husband lived with Alzheimer’s disease.

“Being part of a community that sees the importance in raising awareness for Alzheimer’s is such a blessing,” said Reynolds. “As the number of people being diagnosed is increasing, it’s more important than ever that we work together to get the word out about how important this cause actually is. Being involved in fundraising and taking an active role has been meaningful for me and my family, as we understand the significance of what other families are experiencing with their loved ones. I’m proud to be able to contribute to a cause that directly impacts the lives of seniors and their families.”

“At Querencia, it’s incredibly important for us to do what we can as a community to raise awareness for Alzheimer’s disease,” said Nate Weyand, executive director of Querencia at Barton Creek. “We see many of our resident and families facing this disease every day, and we are dedicated to doing what we can to join them in the fight. We’re proud of everyone who has contributed to the cause and who stands with us in our efforts to raise money toward finding a cure.”

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