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Should I Move When I Retire? Here Are 6 Reasons to Consider Retiring in Your Hometown

A change of scenery may be your retirement dream, but if you’re on the fence or undecided about where you’ll make your home as you ease into your golden years, you may not need to look very far at all.

You may be asking yourself, “Should I move when I retire?” The answer for many seniors is: not necessarily. If you’re contemplating where to make your retirement home, it’s worth considering the retirement communities available nearby and the potential advantages of making your home state your permanent state.

What personal relationships tie you to home?

After spending years in one place, you undoubtedly have a collection of friends and family nearby, including a new generation of little ones to spend time spoiling and enjoying. A retirement home in a beach community may be a fun place for loved ones to visit, but it comes at the price of missing out on day-to-day events and milestones like dance recitals and ball games.

If you haven’t already, also talk with your dear friends about where they envision spending their retirement years. Starting a new chapter in a retirement community in your hometown is a wonderful opportunity to build new friendships with like-minded seniors while staying connected to your current circle of friends and loved ones.

Does learning a new city excite or overwhelm you?

Instead of asking, “Should I move when I retire?” you might want to consider, “Do I really want to start over in a new city at this stage of life?” Relocating to a new city means learning all the ins and outs of a new community. Conversely, choosing a retirement community near home means you can continue to visit favorite spots when you wish, while also enjoying access to amenities like on-site restaurants and salons that cater to your specific needs. Ultimately, the excitement of a new city may come at the expense of convenience in conducting your daily business.


How are you planning for future health care needs?

Even if you’re in excellent health now, it’s smart to look to the future when your health care needs will change. Access to quality health care and being in close proximity to your current healthcare providers who have an established patient history with you is an important factor in your decision to move or stay.  And if there’s a 5-Star health services community like Austin’s Querencia at Barton Creek near home, it’s worth exploring how the community’s Life Care benefit can safeguard your long-term health and financial future. Even if independent living is all you want now, you can take advantage of the resort-like amenities the community offers, secure in knowing you’ll have guaranteed access to a complete continuum of high-quality assisted living, memory care, skilled nursing and rehab when you need it.

Are there other financial considerations?

A cross-country move doesn’t only present logistic complications, it can be quite expensive. Outside the cost of the move itself, there are other potential financial advantages to staying put. Some states tax social security income, so if you’re in a state that doesn’t, it may be better for your personal finances to keep close to home. Transitioning to a senior living community near your hometown may be a solution that gives you the retirement lifestyle you’re anticipating without the income taxes that reduce your retirement income.

Senior couple looking through paperwork

Another financial consideration is the cost of living. When people move to states with higher costs of living, they can be surprised to discover thousands of dollars extra each month just to cover basic living expenses. Be sure to do your homework to understand how a move might impact your budget and whether you’ll need to cut costs to afford a move.

Have you explored retirement options near home?

Maybe the ultimate question isn’t, “Should I move when I retire?” but “Where should I move when I retire?” The best answer may be in your own backyard. Before deciding to move or stay, do your research on the senior living community options in your hometown. You may be surprised by the quality of life you can achieve when you decide to stay put. If you’re fortunate enough to have a beautifully appointed active senior community nearby, like Querencia at Barton Creek in Austin, take time for a closer look. Not expecting to find the luxury of resort-like hospitality tucked into those familiar gorgeous natural surroundings? An even better version of your own hometown could be just a tour away.

If you’re still weighing the pros and cons and asking yourself whether you should move when you retire, more information may help make your decision. Fill out the form below to request a tour and learn more about the Texas Hill Country retirement lifestyle that awaits you at Querencia.


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